“If you are still questioning whether you want to join MBS or not, DO IT. I promise you, YOU WON’T REGRET IT. I joined MBS about a month and half ago. I was very hesitant about joining a group like that. I was almost 7 months PP, I was struggling with my “new body”, I didn’t like what I saw. I tried numerous work outs from home because I was not ready to get out there. I am so glad I gave MBS a shot. I was able to join a group of wonderful women, fellow military spouses, moms who know the struggle. I was able to work out at my own pace following Cara’s lead. After a month of working out with MBS I got better at the routines and noticeably stronger. I lost almost 10 pounds and finally saw changes in my appearance that I had been searching so hard for. I am getting better and stronger every day. I love MBS and I love all of the fellow moms who I work out with every morning. Not only am I finally seeing positive changes but (perhaps more importantly) I have made numerous new friendships that I am thankful for.” – Michaela Friel (Fort Benning)

“What has MBS done for me?
Well let’s put it this way, before I started MBS I promised myself that this year would be the year I get myself together, well that wasn’t happening. I was feeling sluggish and my body just felt all kinda out of wack. My friend Bre kept telling me about this little group of ladies that would get together at her house every Monday-Friday and work out with the kids. I was very interested but very intimidated. Thinking I was going to go and everyone was like star athletes and here I come as the hot mess that I am. Well I FINALLY gave it try and haven’t looked back since. Everyone was so welcoming, so nice and non judgmental. Everyone was there to help everyone out. Truly wanting the best for YOU! Everyone took in your own child like it was their own. It was surely a relief. I will always remember when Cara posted a meme that said, In 2 weeks you’ll feel it, in 4 weeks you’ll see it and it 8 weeks you’ll hear it.” Well if she wasn’t right on target! Now I’m obsessed and can’t get enough. Since then our group has grown and it’s been so amazing to see other women struggling just like you and not looking down on you. Cara makes some of the best workouts and if you miss the workouts she sends them right to you so you don’t miss out on that day! Cara will not take anything less than your best. She isn’t going to let you slack and get away with it. Cara will come over and help fix your form so you get the best out of your workout. Honestly, teammombodsquad is one of the best things I’ve done since moving to post probably the best actually. 🤔 I feel more energetic, more confident, noticing my body becoming more toned, I’m getting better at all the exercises and feeling so much stronger! I have a hard time committing to things but this is one thing I will never quit, I have no excuses. I have a wonderful coach who wants the best for me and is so patient, wonderful ladies to help with my child, a place to workout where I don’t feel overwhelmed with crazy equipment and awesome support from everyone. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” – Katelyn Young (Fort Benning)

“MBS is what gives me the Motivation and Push every AM to get up and get myself moving. It’s the Bond, Friendships, The Workouts and No Judgement atmosphere that makes me feel apart of a sisterhood. MBS also helps in wanting to better myself every-day not only for Me but for my babies and Family. Cara is an Amazing Coach and also great friend who is always willing to help you out no matter what level or phase in life you may be at. With wanting to lose weight, gain strength, Maintain or even just get yourself out Cara and MBS crew is where it’s at. For me I’ve noticed more and more strength in doing any/Every day things and able to be back at my running pace before babies. MBS as a whole is Encouraging and Accomplishing.” – Jacks Maynard (Fort Benning)

“I always HATED trekking to the gym to workout and I was constantly just doing the same things usually. Now I despise the weekends because I don’t get to see everyone and my little guy doesn’t get to play with all his friends. The workouts are no joke, but I can attest that it seriously works! (After having my son 14 months ago, I can fit back into jeans I haven’t worn since 2014!) I never thought I’d be able to do 15 solid pushups and not hate burpees or running, but wow, have things changed. Having the support to push yourself to consciously be active and having fun while doing it makes such a difference. The sense of community is so strong with all the ladies in this group it is nothing short of incredible. I am just so sad our Army chapter here is ending and it breaks my heart to not see everyone at 9:30 everyday to sweat it out in this GA humidity.” – Sarah Miller (Fort Benning)

“I came into this workout group wanting to meet other moms and have more accountability with my workouts. As surprising as this sounds, I wanted to gain weight when starting this group—muscle weight of course. I felt to stick like and had a harder time putting on muscle tone on my own. Cara and MBS have helped encourage and challenge me to push past my bodies limits and also point me in the right direction for protein shakes and amino acids. These group of ladies are so fun and focused. This is a safe and nonjudgmental place to bring your kids (crying or calm) and let them run wild, or cling to you before they get comfortable while you sweat and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you MBS for all the changes in my body and for a stronger me!”  – Sandra Frum (Fort Benning)